Not happy with the alignment of your frontal teeth? Have concerns related to a bad bite? If you have crowded, crooked or misaligned teeth, you should consider seeing an orthodontist. Crowded teeth are hard to clean, and the formation of teeth may lead to bruising, tooth decay, gum disease, and other concerns. Such concerns are managed by an orthodontist, who may use anything from retainers and braces to trays and aligners.

Finding an orthodontic clinic can be complicated to say the least. Your regular dentist may have a few suggestions, or else, you can check online, as well. A number of clinics like have their own website, where you can find all the relevant details. In this post, we have 10 questions that you must ask.

  • What are your qualifications? As a patient, you can ask this question, and your orthodontist will answer the same in detail.
  • Can I get invisible braces? If not, what are the possible options? What about the choice of ceramic braces?
  • What can you do about the bite problem? Do I need to use rubber bands, and if yes, for how long should I wear them?

  • Do I have concerns related to wisdom teeth? Is extraction required? If yes, what’s the cost of the treatment? How long will it take to complete the surgery?
  • Is jaw surgery required? Do I need to use headgear?
  • How many sessions do I need for the entire treatment? How many times do I need to visit the clinic?
  • What is the cost of the treatment? Can I pay the money in parts, if possible? For expensive and extensive treatments, that’s often possible.
  • Once the braces are removed, do I need to use a retainer? If yes, for how long? Can you show me how it would look and feel like?

  • Will you guide me on oral hygiene once the braces are added? Can I get removable braces?
  • Will you handle emergency cases, if required? Can your clinic make the right arrangements if I have a poking wire

Along with these questions, you also need to check other details, such as the location of the clinic and the treatment offered. Since more than one appointment is required for most treatments, it is always better to select a clinic that’s close to your house or workplace. You may also want to know if the orthodontist offers  free or low-cost consultation session.

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