If you ever came home to a loving pooch, wagging tail or a purr, then you know that a hairy friend makes your day much more tolerable by lowering your stress levels. Don’t forget to take care of your furry friend by taking them on regular checkups to a trusted West Lindfield vet like Gordon Vet Hospital, as the bond between the owner and his pet can be even stronger than bonds we establish with humans.

  1. You will rarely get sick

We are exposed to germs in our everyday life and we try to kill every single one of them. Destroying them with disinfects is making us sicker because bodies aren’t exposed to germs and our immune system is not challenged. Good thing is that dogs are covered in germs! Dog owners get ill less severely than people who don’t own a pet.

A good Vet hospital will take proper care of your dog.

  1. More social interactions in everyday life

People tend to trust strangers who own a dog more than people walking on the street without one and they are more confident to interact with them. Walking your dog outside gives you the chance to meet new people, whom you probably have a lot in common with.

  1. You will exercise more

Dogs are in the constant need of being active. Dog owners are getting at least 30 minutes of walk a day, decreasing their risk of getting cardiovascular disease, diabetes and at the same time they manage their weight by being constantly active.

  1. Improves emotional health

A study shows that if you own a pet you are more likely to have higher self-esteem, you are also less lonely, less preoccupied and less scared of everyday life challenges. Pets will make you feel better if you are feeling rejected. Another study shows that pets help perceive the quality of life in older patients with depression, psychosis or dementia.

  1. Better heart health

Only by petting your furry friend or playing with him lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. Also the increased physical activity benefits you by reducing cardiovascular risk. Owning pets is also associated with a reduced risk of obesity and lower cholesterol levels.

Popular family-friendly pets

  1. French Bulldog, also known as the Frenchie

They are very playful, smallish but sturdy and polite to everyone. He is not the best choice for your family if you don’t want to deal with wheezing, snoring, snorting and some slobbering, stubbornness and gassiness.

French bulldogs are known to have breathing problems

  1. Siberian Cats

These beautiful cats are very friendly with people and other animals. Siberians enjoy the company of people and make excellent pets with their calm personality. It is important to bring them on a regular checkup and get the best cat care in Sydney from Gordon Vet Hospital. They shed quite a bit so you will have cat hair everywhere.

  1. Russian Dwarf Hamster

Hamsters are pretty small animals comparing to dogs and cats, so if you have a small place where you live and you can’t keep bigger animals, then hamsters are a great choice for you. They are playful and adorable and they don’t cost much. The only sad thing is that their average lifespan is around 2 years.

Final word

Owning a pet brings a lot of responsibility but is worth every minute of it. They offer you unconditional love, companionship and loyalty. Having a pet will make your life full of happiness and joy. Pets are definitely the medicine for our soul.

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