No matter how many treatments you undergo, exercises you do, diets you follow, you cannot seem to lose weight. The human body is deemed to be an extraordinary machine that is complex to comprehend and tricky to learn its operations. Luckily, there is a way to attain all the information you need to make the necessary choices when it is regarding your health and wellness. It is all in your genes, your DNA. Your DNA can help you reveal so much about your health, which can help you tailor a wellness plan based on a data which is based on your unique genetic profile. Besides your nutrition, you will also know about your disease risk, body’s response to medications, and so much more. Here are some more things your DNA can inform you about your health.

  1. Your optimal diet

Diets might come and go, but paying heed to nutritional plans on the basis of your genetic needs can be beneficial for lifetime and bestowing you will good life. Your DNA will also showcase best ratios of fat, proteins, and carbs to help you with medical weight loss if you are overweight.

  1. Risk for heart problems

The most important body organ is the heart, so it is of utmost importance to keep it strong and healthy. A DNA test can help you reveal your risk for cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure and raised cholesterol levels.

  1. Healthy weight management

It can be of utmost frustration to consistently balance on the weight scale, but your DNA will aid you in achieving and keeping a hold of healthy weight by ascertaining certain eating behaviors such as food and snacking desires.

  1. A perfect fitness plan

Make the best of your workout. Make the workout work for you. Know and understand your genetic makeup which can further help you determine if your body is well suited for endurance or for strength workouts.

  1. Effective mental health management

Your DNA can also assist you in understanding how your body will probably react or respond to multiple psychiatric medications. It also helps in cutting down on the guesswork in seeking the ideal prescription and the negative side effects as well.

  1. Your skin’s sensitivity to the sun

Your DNA plays an important role in how your skin is impacted by the exposure to the sun. Your DNA test will help you reveal your disposition towards sun spots, wrinkles, freckles, and collagen degradation.

  1. Genetic cancer risk

Your DNA disposition for cancer can be life altering knowledge for you as well as your family. DNA tests are also helpful in making you understand about the potential risk for hereditary colorectal or breast cancer.

  1. Nutritional deficiencies

A balanced diet is the only key to good overall health and your DNA will make you understand what nutrients, vitamins etc. your body actually requires for proper functioning.

  1. Gluten sensitivity

A DNA test can also help you ascertain your risk of developing gluten sensitivity so that you can put a halt to experimenting with your diet.

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