Breast augmentation has been around for many years but because there is so much conflicting information doing the rounds online, many women are being put off from a life-changing procedure.

If you are really keen on the idea of breast augmentation but have some reservations based on what you’ve recently read, this article should help clear things up.

9 Common Breast Augmentation Myths

Myth 1: Silicone implants are dangerous

Silicone breast implants are one of the most researched and studies medical devices, which is why they’re both safe and effective. Silicone implants are also regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and are approved by the FDA in the USA.

Myth 2: Breast implants feel hard

While breast implants will never be as supple as your natural breasts, the majority of women are more than happy with the results of their breast augmentation. The volume of your natural breast tissue, as well as the type of implant that is used, will both play a role in how your breasts will feel after your surgery.

Myth 3: You can’t breastfeed after breast augmentation

There is no medical proof that your ability to breastfeed will be affected by implants and there is also no risk of exposing your newborn to silicone.

Myth 4: Breast implants cause cancer and other illnesses

Again, there is no medical evidence that can link breast implants to cancer or other autoimmune diseases but if you do still have concerns, it would be best to schedule a consultation with the best breast augmentation doctor in Brisbane, Dr Sharp.

Myth 5: Breast cancer can’t be detected when you have implants

Whether or not you have implants, your breasts should be examined by a doctor on a regular basis. Self-examinations are just as important and because you will know how your breasts are meant to feel, you will be able to pick up on irregularities. Your mammogram will need to be modified slightly when you have implants.

Myth 6: Recovery involves a lot of pain and downtime

Recovery is different for every patient so there’s no way to tell whether or not the pain will be too much for you to handle. Your surgeon will provide you with the appropriate pain medication though.

Recovery times also differ between patients but in most cases, you will be able to care for yourself after 2 – 3 days, with most people returning to work after 7 – 10 days.

Myth 7: Everyone will know you have implants

With the right implants and the help of a qualified and experienced surgeon, there is no reason why your breasts won’t look very natural after your surgery. An experienced surgeon will take your height, weight and body shape into consideration when suggesting breast implants, which results in natural-looking breasts.

Myth 8: Your scarring will be obvious after your recovery

The incision that is required in order to insert your implants is very small and is made in an area where there are natural creases and lines, which makes any scarring a lot less obvious.

Myth 9: Breast implants will cause my breasts to sag earlier

Sagging is an inevitable part of the ageing process and your breasts will naturally begin to sag with or without implants.

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