Some bodybuilders use steroids to bulk up their muscles and increase their strength. There are a number of steroids available in the market right now. Many of them are illegal to sell. But these days, many websites sell them, as steroids are widely used by bodybuilders. Many bodybuilders get attracted by the offers given by these websites and end up making an awful mistake, the efectos of which stay for life.

Anabolic Steroids

The most commonly used steroids by bodybuilders are anabolic steroids. More proper name for this category of drugs would be anabolic-androgenic steroids. It is a synthetic form of the male sex hormone Testosterone. Anabolic steroids work just the same way as Testosterone, which means steroids bind to the androgen receptors, and which in turn helps the body to grow larger muscles.

How They Make You Stronger

Steroids can increase the metabolism of the body. They are used in building up greater muscles, as they increase the production of protein in the cells, which leads to increase in the strength of the body. That is why the person using steroids feels a significant increase in strength and agility of the body.

There can be more basic categories of steroids in which they can be classified. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Corticosteroids

The hormones related to the adrenal cortex. It can be in a natural or synthetic form. The adrenal cortex controls the processes like protein and carbohydrate metabolism, kidney function, cardiovascular function and many others. Corticosteroids can be found in prescription and non-prescription cream forms.

  • Estrogens and Progestogens

These female sex hormones are used in maintaining female reproductive organs, and responsible for the production of secondary sexual characteristics in women. These hormones can be found in the birth control drugs as active ingredients.

  • Androgens

Testosterone is the primary androgen in maintaining the male reproductive organs, and is responsible for the production of male secondary sexual characteristics. Testosterone is generally prescribed for the treatment to stimulate growth, red blood cell production, weight gain and androgen deficiency. These hormones are commonly known as the Anabolic Steroids.

They can be used by bodybuilders in increasing their strength and muscle growth.

Bodybuilders are always at risk of taking the wrong drug, so it is recommended to take steroids only under the monitoring of a doctor or a fitness expert.


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