It is a fact that the number of regular cigarette smokers is declining at a steady rate, so the tobacco industries are jumping towards what they see as a big opportunity in the future.

For a long period of time cigarette dominated the smoker’s market with nicotine. Nicotine was picked up in cigarette form compared to any other form nicotine was delivered, for example, pipes or chewing tobacco. This was the trend for decades, but from last seven years or so the industry is facing small but significant change.

The smokers of the new generation prefer electronic cigarettes, and this has come into the notice of tobacco companies.

A smoking market

Electronic nicotine system is not a new thing to the market. There were devices in some form or the other from around 30 years. The current trend came to Canada and USA from China. But from past few years, the e-cigarette has caught the attention of tobacco companies.

Once small independent manufacturers manufactured the e-cigarette, now is taking big ways to the tobacco market and antismoking organization is getting concerned by this change of trend.

British American Tobacco (BAT), is a well-known and the largest tobacco company in Europe. The company launched Vype four years ago.

Today, around $5 billion a year is the market of global e-cigarettes, and it is expected to grow at a rate of 24 per cent every year.

You can easily purchase vapes anywhere in the world these days, and you can also buy vapes online in Canada.

E-cigarette research funding

The tobacco giants are funding to reaching into the health effects due to e-cigarettes in contract with regular cigarettes. British American Tobacco funded a study recently that used 3-D modelling, and it compared inflammation from e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes in the lungs. The study showed a dramatic drop in inflammation of lung with e-cigarettes.

This finding is similar the initial researches that have uncovered e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes pose a lesser threat to the health of a person compared to regular cigarettes. If you look into the cancer perspective, e-cigarettes have lower carcinogens.

Some rules about e-cigarette

FDA in 2016 established some rules that govern sales and distribution of e-cigarettes. You have to be over 18 years old to purchase an electronic cigarette. The buyers have to provide ID card to show proof their age. E-cigarettes can’t also be sold in vending machines unless the facility is an adult-only facility. They can’t even be distributed for free.

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