Among the various steroids available in the market, Winstrol is pretty well known among the steroid users. This steroid became more prominent when Ben Johnson scandal was caught during 1988 Olympic Games. Ben Johnson had to surrender his gold medal ultimately. However, this episode has increased the popularity of Winstrol much more, particularly in Canada and Australia.

People all over the world now recognize Winstrol as a popular performance enhancer and names of many other athletes like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Jenrry Mejia are associated with this drug. Many non-professional athletes have since then started using this drug for improving their performance. Once you start using Winstrol you will realize that there is increase in speed and endurance and therefore bodybuilders and athletes all over the world simply love to use this steroid for their improvement.

What is Winstrol?

This is also sold under the name of Stanozolol and it is quite similar to testosterone. However, its structure has been slightly modified to make it more potent. FDA has also approved this drug for human consumption and in the USA, it is sold in the form of injection, tablet as well as liquid. Initially, it was sold as an oral medicine however you can now get it in injection form in the name of Winstrol Depot. Difference between oral and injection forms are not too much.

This drug can easily be absorbed in our blood and helps in liver metabolism. If you try to source Stanozolol in online then you can find number of suppliers who are selling it in the name of Win V, Winnie or Winny.

What are the results of Winstrol?

Results of Winstrol are really very impressive. Patients who are suffering from osteoporosis or breast cancers can get very relief with this drug. Winstrol is also used for the treatment of animals as it can help increasing appetite of animals. It also helps in their muscle growth and bone density.

For humans Winstrol has plenty of medical applications. It can be used for treatments of many different medical conditions and found to be quite effective too. It can help in developing red blood cell production and also helps in increasing our energy levels as well as alertness.

Winstrol is considered to be mild steroid and both men and women can use it safely as a medication. Nowadays people use it more for improving athletic performance and body building purposes.

Standard dosage is between 10 mg to 50 mg per day and for women they should not increase beyond 10 mg.

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