Aging is inevitable, and after a point, older people need the choice of assisted living in a community that cares for them and offers the right services. There are plenty of assisted living facilities in the US, but not all are same in terms of facilities and services. In this post, we will talk of the things you can expect from such communities and how you can evaluate the options.

Services required

First things first, assisted living is not for all seniors. It is ideal for older people who can live independently but need help with one or more of the daily chores. The services, quite expectedly, are offered in a customized way. Seniors living in such communities often take help only when its needed. However, as a responsible son, daughter, guardian or trustee, you need to ensure that everything that they may need is available for them. Below are the services you should have at an assisted living facility.

  • Medication management. This may include administrating medicines on time, under the guidance of a doctor, as well as, ordering medicines and drugs as required. The concerned facility should take care of orders and deliveries as requested.
  • Personal care assistance. In general, people get all the personal care they need in older life. This includes attention from caregivers of the facility for regular chores like eating, bathing, laundry, and dressing, as well as attention for some of the personal problems.
  • Diet and consulting. Usually, assisted living facilities are expected to offer meals and must offer dietary consultation and planning for every person in the community. The meal deliveries should be done on time each day and they must take care of the dietary restrictions as suggested by the doctor or dietician.

  • Medical help, on call. Seniors may need emergency medical care and attention more frequently than others, and therefore, the concerned facility should have doctors and physicians on-call. You can learn more on this online, as well. The facility should also have rehabilitation services and nursing facilities nearby or at least within a range.
  • Escort assistance. Every assisted living facility should be well-staffed. They should have caregivers who can escort older people to different parts of the community and must cater to the personal needs of seniors in a passionate way. Some of the facilities also offer additional assistance with movements beyond the facility, if needed.

More than anything else, the facility should be compassionate for the cause. Before you select one, check what they have on offer, and don’t shy away from asking questions related to the concerned services they offer. You can check online to find the names of best assisted living facilities in your area, and make sure that you visit a facility before taking the call. Don’t shy away from asking questions, especially if you have found complaints against a service. Lastly, do consider the prices, because assisted living isn’t cheap, and you can expect to pay more than $43,000, which is the national average.

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