A chiropractor is a medical expert who treats and diagnoses the nervous system as well as the musculoskeletal diseases. The chiropractors use the traditional methods to carry out their diagnostic tests. These methods are x-rays, lab work, and MRI. They also apply the chiropractic techniques that include hands-on body manipulation.

However, there is no medical prescription nor surgery in Chiropractic care, but they are trained to diagnose the injuries that are outside of their scope practice and refer the patient to a suitable medical doctor. Here are the main reasons to see a Chiropractor:  nydnrehab.com/treatment-methods/chiropractic-care-nyc/

Ankle Sprain Chiropractor Treatment

An ankle sprain is a major concern that should make you visit chiropractor care. Most families treat ankle injuries at home by using compression, elevation or ice but even after that first aid, it’s important to visit Chiropractic care.

Most individuals think that Chiropractic care is all about Ankle sprain treatment; however, there are numerous reasons to see a chiropractor. They are equipped with knowledge that can cure many disorders in the body. The following are some possible beneficial methods that chiropractor uses to treat several diseases other than ankle sprain:

Physical chiropractor Therapy

Muscle stimulation, ultrasound, ice alternating, and heat treatment are some of the methods used by Chiropractors to treat ankle sprains and other body disorders. They also advise their patient to engage in exercises to assist in the complete ankle restoration.

Chiropractic adjustment medication 

Besides treating the spine, the chiropractic adjustment is also applied to Chiropractic care to treat about 26 different parts of the bone in the foot. Probably, there can be chances that one or even more bones might become dislocated during the ankle sprain. The Chiropractor will use his hand to palpate a bone to discover if the bone requires a slight adjustment.

Rehab and Home Care Methods

An active or passive motion range exercise, as well as heat/ice remedies, may be involved in the treatment plan. The remedy will then proceed with the stabilization and strengthening of the ankle. Also, it might include practices such as writing the alphabet so as to enhance the motion range by using a wobble board to assist working on balance and strength.

Chiropractic alleviates pregnancy plan

During a women’s pregnancy period, they mostly experience back pain due to weight changes in their bodies that typically distribute along the pelvis and joints. Thus, pain way and muscle spasms increase the chances that an expectant mother can struggle with during her delivery and labor.

Chiropractic treatment targets to balance the muscle and ligaments during the pregnancy period to ease the pressure on the uterus. This kind of medication increase the possibilities of the baby being delivered naturally rather than the mother undergoing the surgery process.

Orthotics and Foot support

As far as chiropractic remedies are concerned, the main reasons or causes for ankle re-injuries is because of feet over-pronation or aches. It’s the reason why Chiropractic care can treat orthotics and foot support. Also, they can apply the preventive measures to avoid the recurrence of a similar disorder.

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