It is important to trust your surgeon and the clinic they operate in when having laser eye treatment. That means selecting a medical facility which has a proven track record when it comes to laser eye surgery and aftercare. Most laser eye treatments go down with a hitch, they are one of the most common medical treatments in the world. Here is why an excellent aftercare program is so vital.

Follow Up Action

Although most patients will experience a dramatic improvement in their eyesight immediately after their surgery, it doesn’t mean you are finished with your treatment and you can leave the clinic without a care in the world.

You must attend your next day follow up treatment to allow your surgeon to assess your eyes. This is a standard procedure designed to ensure your cornea is healing the way it should be. The doctor will also check to see if there is anything irritating your eyes or affecting the recovery process. Once they’ve examined both of your eyes and given you the all clear, you should still attend follow up appointment. It is easy to assume that your eyesight is restored, and you don’t need any more visits to the doctor, but that would be a mistake. Stick to your appointment schedule and attend the clinic every few weeks, months and years after your surgery, just to ensure everything is fine with your eyes.

Aftercare Availability

Although you probably won’t require immediate access to your surgeon, it is nice to know that the clinic you use has 24/7 availability just in case you’ve any inquiries. If you’ve attended a high-quality clinic, it is highly unlikely that you’ll need to see your surgeon before your follow up appointment but having a clinic which provides an access number or allows you to see them long after you’ve had surgery is always extremely positive. If you’ve had LASIK in San Antonio and your clinic still goes out of their way to help you with inquires about your procedure, you know you’ve chosen a commendable medical centre.

Considerate Surgeon & Staff

Having to attend a medical centre for any type of surgery can be an anxious experience, that is why having kind, considerate staff members is vital. You want to be taken care of by a skilled surgeon along with highly trained, experienced staff. They should do their best to help you relax during the process, so you don’t become apprehensive or concerned about a standard medical procedure.

The clinic should also provide you with detailed information about home care, they must explain to you how to take care of your eyes after the procedure. This will speed up the recovery process, enabling you to get back to normality.

Choosing the right surgeon is essential to ensure you get the best possible result from your procedure. But, aftercare is just as important as the main procedure. The way you are treated pre and post op is essential. A clinic should provide you with personalised care and attention to ensure you get incredible vision after LASIK.

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