It is very common to for a woman to go through pre-baby anxiety. If you’re pregnant with your first kid, you might have started discussing with your friends the long list of ‘what-ifs’ about the things that you’re predicting about the entire process. But whenever the list of ‘what-ifs’ become excessive, this can be a sign of something that is gravely serious to come.

In case you have understood that maternal depression isn’t a one size fit for all, there are lots of things to learn about this phase. Research reveals that 20% of the mothers go through depression or anxiety post giving birth. While there are online counseling sites like where you can seek assistance, you should still know few things on women and pregnancy.

#1: Pregnant women require paying attention to their emotions

One of the main takeaways from this study is that pregnant women should take good care of their emotions and feelings. In case you don’t feel good about something or notice that you’re feeling worried or sad, you should immediately talk to someone who you trust like the midwife or doctor or a therapist.

#2: It’s not your fault if you feel depressed

Both pregnant women and their partners should understand that they should never be blamed for perinatal depression or disorders in mood. There are several contributing factors which lead to change in mood and none of them are the fault of the pregnant woman. There is always some reason that is responsible.

#3: You aren’t alone

The reality is that the symptoms of mental health are the biggest complications of childbirth. There are many women who feel embarrassed and reluctant to seek help due to the myth of motherhood. People usually expect a woman to remain joyful post delivery and in case she isn’t, there’s lack of understanding. We need broad awareness of the culture and it is very easy to have such symptoms.

#4: The sooner you get treated, the better

When you seek help earlier, the situation becomes simpler to handle. Such mood disorders may have an impact on the bonding and attachment of the mom and baby. This is the only reason behind starting off treatment immediately.

#5: It is effective to get treated

Perinatal depression usually responds well to treatment due to the fact that being pregnant and carrying a baby leads to an imbalance of things. Someone who has seen all this before, a woman will find a new balance to feel better.

Therefore, when you find a woman finding trouble to keep her mental peace during pregnancy, help her by taking the above mentioned points into consideration.

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