S4 is recognized as a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator). Like all other SARMs, this was developed for therapeutic reasons such as treating muscle wasting diseases. Though this compound is not as strong as some of the other SARMsin terms of being anabolic,yet it has other benefits that are highly effective. It is side effect friendly and is increasingly becoming a common option among the performance-enhancing athletes and the bodybuilders. It is a medication that binds to the androgen receptors firmly, which results in an increased metabolism and enhanced protein synthesis.

Andarine neither aromatizes nor converts to dihydrotestosterone. This makes this compound more functional in comparison to other androgenic steroids. Its effects are both bulking and cutting though bulking is not that great. It adds lean muscle tissue but the lean gains should be complimented with enough calories and regular exercise. It is a well-known compound for an increase in strength. Increased strength is the major advantage for the individuals to lift heavy weights. It is highly effective in cutting cycles. The supplementation of S4 can protect muscle tissue when calorie deficiency is experienced. Preservation of tissue indicates better metabolism and it also increases lipolysis directly.

Dosage information

It is important to take the appropriate dosages of this medication. The usual dosage range is 50-75 mg five days a week and the minimum duration of the cycle should be 12 weeks. Take 25 mg along with three meals per day. Taking the dosage for more than 12 weeks will not give you any additional benefit. Instead,it may make you encounter some harmful side effects. It can easily result in muscle gain without more calories and workout but you will not notice any rapid growth which is usually associated with a bulking cycle. Though it is not the best option for bulking, it is a preferred form of SARMs.

If your primary objective is to gain strength, the dosage recommendation is 50 mg. The results are easily visible within a week. It can be an ideal compound for strength if it is stacked with another SARM. For the stacking purpose, the dosage range of this drug is 50-75 mg for 4-8 weeks. Moreover, the diet should consist of 30% lean protein. It is usually taken orally in a liquid form though capsules are available too. It carries a half-life of 4 hours. Results are seen in 4 weeks and decent results are seen in 8-10 weeks. Some take it in between the steroid cycles.

Buying this supplement

S4 is the most common SARM available in the market. There are numerous research chemical companies and research supply companies that sell this compound. Some steroid suppliers also sell it, though not common.You can prefer to buyAndarine online from www.provenpeptides.com. Online purchase is not only the most common method but the most preferred method also. There are a lot of online vendors that sell this compound but the buyers should be careful before purchasing it. They should make lots of research and also read the review of the users in the forum.

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