What is known as “remedial massage therapy” is a special type of physical therapy, which nowadays is more popular than ever. This kind of massage is put to use to address specific concerns of pain and discomfort in one’s body. It is now treated as a complementary medicine in the realms of Western medicine and is covered by a number of health insurance companies.

The major contrast between remedial massage therapy and the kind of massage therapy you will find in health spas and salons, are to do with the reasons for the massage therapy and exactly what that the treatments focus on.

  • In the world of remedial massage therapy, any concerns related to the body are what are focussed on during the treatment, and this experience is without a doubt is much more clinical than any massage experience in a spa.

Any type of massage therapy which is administered to someone outside of the clinical sphere on the other hand, typically concentrates getting the person receiving the massage into a state of relaxation and providing a comprehensive healing experience.

Bringing Healing to another Level

And whilst it is the job of massage therapists in a spa to commonly work in releasing stress and  tension in any strained or knotted muscles, specialists who carry out remedial massage therapy in a clinical background are likely to carry out their expertise in massage with more truly injured muscles.

Remedial massage therapy is used, for instance, to treat scar tissue in and around any surrounding muscles and to work on adjusting muscular imbalances.

  • This type of therapy is provided to any patient who has been wounded or has experienced any type of surgery, which has left the patient in need of a large amount of remedial therapy.

This sort of therapy is nowadays and more than often used in combination with other types of physical therapies and treatments as recommended by the patient’s medical professional.

Different Types of Massage Therapy

There are a number of different varieties of massage therapy, including the most common which is the renowned Swedish massage, also, deep tissue massage, mobile massage in Perth, and hot stone massage.

  • At the same time, there are various others which focus on particular areas inside the body or specific systems within the body.

Remedial massage therapy frequently makes use of methods that have been learned from various other styles of international traditional massage and also from those which are based on contemporary science and medicine.

  • Even though the qualifications can differ in various countries, remedial massage therapists in Australia, have to complete a particular amount of coursework and training so as to legally become certified in their profession.

These same people will often then go on to work in a clinical background under the auspices of a physician, or in many other cases make use of their credentials to go to work in a specialist spa.

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