Cancer is a disease which is caused because of the irregular cellular changes. The irregularity in the cellular changes results in uncontrolled division and growth of the cells. However, there are various forms of cancer; some results in the formation of the tumor while others don’t like leukemia. The cells in our body have a lifespan. The older cells die and get replaced with the newer ones. However, cancerous cells cannot read the instruction to stop dividing cell and to die. Researchers have found that cannabis oil can complement the treatment of cancer.

How does cannabis oil help to fight cancer?

The main question that arises is, can cannabis cure cancer? The answer to the question is not available in concrete terms. However, there are two cannabinoids that fight cancer are THC and CBD. These cannabinoids have following fighting cancer properties.

  • Antiproliferative: Antiproliferative helps to prevent the reproduction of cancer cells.
  • Antiangiogenic: Antiangiogenic helps to prevent the formation of blood vessels that are needed for the growth of the tumor.
  • Antimetastatic: Antimetastatic plays a major part as it is used to prevent the spreading of cancer to other organs of the body.
  • Apoptotic: Apoptotic encourage the cancerous cells in the body to commit suicide.

Side effects of cancer that can be treated by cannabis

  • Stimulating appetite: People suffering from cancer most likely to experience loss of appetite. It is one of the major symptoms of cancer. Loss of appetite makes it difficult for the person to maintain a healthy weight. Ingestion of cannabis delivers THC in the body that helps to stimulate the appetite.
  • Pain relief: Cancer is a painful disease. It is not only cancer that is painful, but its treatment is also equally painful. The pain is caused because of pressure that is built on the organs and nerve injury. Cannabis provides relief from pain by reducing inflammation.
  • Nausea: People with cancer experience nausea and vomiting on a regular basis, especially after chemotherapy. Cannabis has antinausea effects; hence, the intake of cannabis are prescribed by the doctors.
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