Sports medicine clinic in New York City is a new medical undertaking that concentrates on physical fitness so that an athlete can recover from injury and prevent it also. From gym-goers to pro athletes, many of them have already discovered the benefits of sports medicine in their life. Sports medicine clinic help athletic patients stay flexible, supple, and active as they focus on a fitness program.

Sports medicine treatments which are non-invasive and non-surgical, are an effective way of restoring body disorder to a reasonable level. The sports medicine clinic can treat a full range of injuries of patients throughout the city of New York. With the integration of the latest in chiropractic, physical rehab, and sports medicine, patients are closely monitored by the clinic to achieve optimum medical performance, without providing prolonged care.

The debilitating and painful effects of an exercise injury or sports injury can cause continual trouble to everyone, from exercises to weekend joggers and professional athletes. The goal of the sports medicine clinic is to address exercise injuries resulting from long-term wear and tear damage to joints and soft tissues. More often, acute exercise and sports injuries are caused by weak tissues, that can result in posture instability and imbalances.

Sports medicine clinic in NYC treats injuries resulting from exercise such as Achilles tendon injury; tendonitis; back pain and neck pain;  bone spurs; carpal tunnel syndrome; frozen shoulder; groin injury; hip flexor strain; knee injury; plantar fasciitis;  rotator cuff injuries, shin splints and stress fractures; sprain of ligament, muscle, joint or tendon; and many more.

Treating exercise injury with sports medicine

If you get injured as a result of exercise, it’s essential to seek treatment immediately from a sports medicine doctor. The care at Sports medicine clinic in NYC will reduce the length of your injury and restore function to a normal level pain-free.

Exercise injury types

Traumatic is a critical exercise injury that suddenly occurs, resulting in severe pain that hinders the ability to support weight or movement of a particular body part.

Traumatic injuries are classified as First Degree/Mild: able to bear weight, no pain  on the tissue when it is in a neutral position;  Second Degree/Moderate: feeling pain when carrying burden, it requires support on neutral position; and  Third Degree/Severe: this requires surgery due to severe damage to joints, soft tissues or bones.

Overuse is an exercise injury resulting from strain and repetitive motion, usually a dull, constant pain while exercising or playing. Therapies at sports medicine clinic can repair joint inflammation and soft tissues caused by constant strain and repetitive motion.

When not treated properly, an overuse injury can become a debilitating cycle where you don’t have the chance to recover. Sports medicine clinic is an expert in treating exercise injury and offers effective treatments for pain relief and recovery.

One of the benefits you can get from sports medicine is the treatment of skeletal or muscular injury. Sports medicine specialist can help you recover without interrupting your active lifestyle.

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