It’s possible for anyone to have difficulty sleeping at night, but it might become worse as you age. Even if you try your best to sleep, you might have a hard time doing it and you might also fall asleep for an hour and then suddenly wake up because of the faintest noise that you hear.

If you are unable to get enough sleep, it will affect your body and you’ll not be able to perform well the next day. First, you need to know why you experience this problem before you can find out a way to solve it.

You have too much to drink

We have been conditioned to think that drinking an alcoholic beverage is a good way to unwind. Alcoholic drinks consumed late at night will negatively impact your sleep. Studies have shown that a glass of wine once in a while, for example, may offer some health benefits, but more than that can interfere with sleep. Perhaps you can unwind with a good book, or a cup of hot cocoa, then try and sleep.

You are on medication

Your medicines can significantly affect your sleep. Over-the-counter painkillers can mess up your sleep and decongestants and medication for blood pressure could also have the same effect. Our bodies react to medicines in different ways, so you need to ask your doctor if any drugs you take might affect your sleep, and if they might, ask if there any alternatives to them. Changing the time when you ingest the medicine could also be another solution.

Your room is too warm

It’s easy to solve this problem since it only has to do with the environment where you sleep. If you can lower the temperature in your room, it might be easier for you to fall asleep. The ideal sleeping temperature is around 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter, you can leave your window slightly open to allow naturally cool air to enter.

Taking a shower close to bedtime

It is an excellent idea to bathe before you sleep, especially when you use warm water. The problem is when you do it too close to bedtime. The warm water helps to lower your body’s temperature and put you to sleep. It takes time before that happens though. If you finish bathing and then immediately go to sleep, you might have a hard time sleeping. The ideal time to shower is about two hours before you sleep.

You do not exercise

When you exercise, you will feel so tired that you will fall asleep even without noticing it, and you’ll also be in a good mood when you wake up. Make sure, though, that you do not exercise close to your bedtime. Do it at least several hours before you sleep to give your body the chance to calm down.

Your body does not have enough nutrients

You need to be careful about the type of food that you eat, as you need the right nutrients if you want to sleep well. Potassium, magnesium and Vitamin B6 are among the nutrients you need, but if you cannot get them from your regular food intake, you could try using supplements to speed up metabolism after 50. Not only will such food supplements help you sleep, they will also help keep you in shape.

Try changing your lifestyle and see if it positively affects your sleep. You’ll receive many more benefits, too, when you eat right and exercise regularly. Rid yourself of stress for even more healthy advantages. All of these changes contribute to a great night’s sleep, which is another terrific addition to your anti-aging regimen.


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