You do not need to smoke weed to experience the medical benefits if you are not comfortable with the idea of getting high; you can buy the by-products of cannabis and enjoy the many benefits. Besides, if you opt for the by-products like the CBD vape liquid it does not contain THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient found in a cannabis plant. These are among the products you might want to try.

Oil tincture

This is the most popular way of using CBD oil; if you want to gauge the exact amount of oil that you are going to ingest, this is the option for you. By using a dropper to place small drops under your tongue you are getting the concentrate, so it is quite strong. Purchase the ones with natural flavours or fatty oils. Since you are ingesting the product, you need to ensure that you start with a tiny dose.


They are like tinctures as you ingest them by placing a few drops below your tongue. If you find tinctures strong, it could be twice the amount for concentrates or even more. Given their high potency, it is not a good idea to try concentrates if you are a beginner as even if you tried other CBD products before, you still need a low dose of the concentrate and observe how your body reacts.


If you are not comfortable with the idea of placing CBD drops under your tongue or you find the taste to be a bit weird, you can opt for the capsules. These are like any other pills you ingest with water and it is convenient and easy to do. The only problem is that you do not have too much control over the dosage, since the products you buy already will range from 10 to 25 milligrams of CBD.

Topical solutions

If you do not like CBD products to ingest, you can use the topical options instead; this includes lip balms and salves as well. You use them directly on your skin and allow the product to enter through the dermal layers in which then the CBD will directly go to your bloodstream. Again for beginners, you need to start using only in small amounts to prevent shocking your body.


To avoid tasting CBD at all, you can choose edibles instead. Brownies, coffee, and chocolates are among the popular edibles available today and the good thing is you’ll not even feel that you are ingesting CBD since it becomes a part of what you eat. The results are inconsistent though since you have no idea how much CBD oil went into the portion that you are eating, and you also need to be quite careful since there seems to be a crackdown on the use of edibles due to the inconsistent effects on the body.

You choose which of these products you feel comfortable to use. CBD oil is legal in the UK, so you do not need to hide when using these products and can increase the dosage later when you’re comfortable doing it.


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